An evening to die for!
Murder Most Foul is looking forward to working with our venues and guests throughout this year. Check the Events page to see where we are performing.

If you need an event that is different and out of the ordinary, then Murder Most Foul can help.
Murder Most Foul is a professional entertainment group which can stage fully scripted murder mystery events at your venue.

If you are a hotel, restaurant or pub with a dining room that can hold at least 40 people, then Murder Most Foul can stage an entertaining murder mystery event at your venue.

Murder Mystery events are extremely popular with people up and down the country, attracting customers to your venue who will come back again and again for more murder and mystery!
If you are looking for a smaller event, a company party, or large family party of around 30 people, then Murder Most Foul can help you too.
We can stage a smaller, but fully scripted and acted murder mystery event just for you. All you need do is find and book your venue, then we will work with you and the venue to create a memorable and entertaining evening for you.

If you are interested in holding a Murder Mystery event at your venue, what do you need to do?

Contacting Murder Most Foul is the perfect way to start!

The "action" will start during the pre-dinner drinks and then continue throughout the meal. Your guests will have the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be during the evening. So they can take an active part and take notes in order to try and solve the murder, or they can just sit back, watch and enjoy the action. But one thing that guests can be assured of, is that the event will be performed entirely by the cast of Murder Most Foul. No guest is asked or expected to play a role, so there is no reason for any guest to be embarrassed or feel that they are put on the spot.

If you are a venue and would like Murder Most Foul to stage a Murder Mystery, or would like some more information, please contact us using the details on the Contact Us page.

If you are someone who would like to be a guest at a Murder Mystery evening staged by Murder Most Foul, please visit the Events page to see the venues and locations.

If you think that acting in a Murder Mystery is fun (and it most definitely is!) and you would like to act for Murder Most Foul, then please visit the Want To Act? page and download the Application Form. Or, if you would like more information, or a general chat about acting for Murder Most Foul, please contact us using the details on the Contact Us page.

PLEASE NOTE: The booking arrangements, seating arrangements, food and other venue-related things are the sole responsibility of the venue and NOT of Murder Most Foul.


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